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  Comments from Satisfied Customers:
Comments submitted to Groupon about their Mixon trip....

Great job, informative and fun, loved the interaction of the tram driver & the pet 'keeper' everyone seemed really vested into their job. And the juice was incredible, lunch was delicious too, nothing bad to say at all. Wish I lived closer so I could drink your OJ every week!

We had a wonderful visit and your employees were quite informative and pleasant. Enjoyed all the wonderful treats your farm had to offer. We'll be back for more of your Orange Swirl Ice Cream and your incredible Orange Juice!

We arrived 5 minutes late for the last tour because we didn't do our home work. Thank you for accomodating us and taking our group to the tram. We enjoyed and learned as we toured.

Great job you all do taking care of the injured animals. We loved that section of the tram tour! Keep up the good work.

The staff was great at Mixon Farms. The tram operator was friendly, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. He is a great representative for Mixon Farms.

My trip there was fun, interesting, and the ladies in the store were some of the nicest ladies I have ever met.

Was really surprised at the animals you have. Very interesting and fun experience.

Lots of fun! Nice employees. Good food at the cafe and great samples of fruit to try before you buy. Great tour guide on the tram who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his job. Overall great family-friendly tour.

Had alot of fun. Beautiful landscaping in the maze/pond area and love your orange juice!

The tour included more than we expected. Free samples of fruit and juice in the store was a nice bonus!

Very informative and they also do stuff with wildlife rehabilitation and we got to see and pet some of the animals.

Went for Harvest Festival. Everyone was super nice and having a great time. Learned a lot about the groves and also wildlife rescue project they help sponsor. Great place!

It was a very pleasant surprise. The store was beautiful, the factory and tour interesting, the gardens gorgeous, and the animals adorable. I thought that they set it up very nicely for visitors. I had no idea they had all that going on there.

Very interesting. Especially good for children given the up close with so many different animals. The treats (fudge, juice, ice cream and wine) were very good.
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Juice Oranges and Juice Grapefruit
Start your day the Florida way! Squeeze your own juice for unsurpassed flavor, freshness and aroma. You, too, can enjoy juice the way we do...fresh from the tree. Juice oranges and juice grapefruit are small to medium in size - just right for the juicer. Keep a supply on hand - they disappear fast! Rich in vitamin C - a cup a day keeps the doctor away.
Available 11/13/2017 thru 2/28/2018
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