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  Comments from Satisfied Customers:
Your customer service, at least your communication on a complaint, matches the overall quality of your product and your reputation. Three were spoiled to start with and I really feel that the other two spoiled ones were contaminated by the first three, so we had a total of five. Thanks for your prompt response.
We received the replacements and they were in fine condition and were all as delicious as usual. We will re-order again as we have done several times in the past. If you ever need a testimonial from someone as to your quality and integrity, feel free to have them contact me and thanks again.
--- Sonny Woods
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Kids "One to One Hundred" love 'em! Tangerines are the traditional favorite at holiday time. We grow several varieties of Tangerines, and we will send the best variety at the time of shipment. Tangerines have some seeds. Choose a box of all Tangerines, or Tangerines and Mixon Oranges! What a great combination of Florida goodness!
Available 11/30/2017 thru 2/1/2018
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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