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9 Reasons to Eat More Grapefruit
1. It boosts the immune system
Half a grapefruit provides almost 80% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C – and vitamin C is vital for a strong immune system, so you’re prepared to fight off minor coughs, colds and infections, and more able to grow and repair tissues in the body.
2. It can help banish kidney stones
Naringenin is a natural compound found in grapefruit (it’s what gives it that bitter taste), and has been found to combat the growth of kidney stones.
3. It helps with weight loss
Dieters and weight-loss fiends the world over swear by grapefruit slices for breakfast, and it’s true, the pink fruit can help with weight loss. Not because it’s ‘magical’ but because it’s full of enzymes, water and fiber – all of which help you feel full for longer.
4. Helps fight gum disease
In 2005, the British Dental Journal announced that eating two grapefruit a day could prevent – and possibly reverse – the damage caused by gum disease. They can reduce gum bleeding and the extra hit of vitamin C is great for mouth health to boot.
5. Cuts stress
If you don’t like the sharp taste of grapefruit, give it a sniff instead. The Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology found the smell of citrus fruits was able to induce calm behavior in mice and the findings suggest that citrus can have a soothing effect on humans, too.
6. Cleanse your liver
Eating grapefruit regularly can help rid the liver of toxins that can make you feel unwell and sluggish, and this in turn can help alleviate chronic conditions, from depression to headaches.
7. Fight prostate cancer
It’s the antioxidants found in the fruit that tackle carcinogens
8. Fight lung cancer
Miraculously, drinking three glasses of grapefruit juice a day has been shown to reverse and prevent the damage caused by smoking.
9. Good for heart health
A glass of grapefruit juice a day has also been shown to boost heart health. It is full of flavanones, which can help improve the structure of blood vessel walls, which helps get better blood flow to the heart.

McKechnie Field's orange swirl ice cream may save your life
McKechnie Field is a gem. The park, standing since 1923 and home to the Pirates since '69, holds only a cozy 8,500 people. But while the stadium lets you dream of catches with Dad and other old-fashioned things like churning your own butter, it hasn't figured out how to beat the Florida heat. In fairness, nobody has.

As I wandered the concourse in the 90-plus degree weather, feeling sweat drip off my body like I was a sponge being wrung out, I spied an oasis: Ice cream. But was it real? Could that swirling mixture of creamy vanilla and sunkissed orange actually exist?

Oh, it did.

My frozen salvation in a cup was the the Mixon Fruit Farms Orange Swirl. Made from orange groves that border Pirate City, where the team's Minor Leaguers receive their instructions, each spoonful added energy and vitality to my body, making me feel like I myself could be a professional ballplayer.

Of course, that could have been from heat hallucinations or dehydration, but I prefer to think that it was the combination of sweet vanilla and tart orange that made everything okay -- and kept my organs from boiling inside my body.

View Original Article on MLB.com

Tour the Groves and Sample the Produce at Mixon Fruit Farms
Mixon Fruit Farms is advertised as Florida’s “sweetest” attraction. Just hit their market and packinghouse and sample their sweet and flavorful freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice and you’ll be hooked for life. You don’t have to buy your orange fix in a carton; try one of their Orange Swirl Ice Cream Cones for a refreshing treat on a hot Florida day!

Although Mixon Fruit Farms are known for their citrus products, they also offer wine tasting of Florida wines which are surprisingly good. The sampling counter has a wonderful selection of award-winning wines made from Florida-grown Muscatine grapes and even Mixon’s own oranges.

Tour the Orange Groves with the Mixon Orange Blossom Express

Don’t miss the chance to tour the orange groves aboard the Mixon Orange Blossom Express for a truly Floridian experience. This one-hour fun tram ride takes visitors into the heart of the citrus groves and the onboard commentary gives you plenty of interesting facts and light-hearted trivia about the fruit you will see. There is a modest fee for the tours which depart at 11am and 1pm daily except Sundays, and weather permitting of course.

It’s well worthwhile attending the interactive show about rescued Florida animals, reptiles and birds which are part of Mixon’s Wildlife Rescue project. Youngsters will enjoy scampering around the Magical Maze and playing in the sandbox. They can even feed the fish in the beautiful koi pond while parents relax and enjoy the view from the shady gazebo. You might think this beautiful tropical garden is perfect for weddings – and you’d be right. Mixon Fruit Farms has a dedicated wedding pavilion and private area for the wedding of your dreams.

If you’re feeling hungry, the excellent Groveside Café offers everything from specialty coffees to sandwiches, soups and salads. Alternatively, bring a picnic and enjoy dining outdoors surrounded by butterflies and wildlife.

Giant Gift Shop with a Fruity Theme

If you are looking for Florida-themed gifts, then look no further than the 14,000 square foot gift shop at Mixon Fruit Farms. There’s something for everyone and you don’t have to spend a fortune to find something unique and appealing. Honey, citrus marmalades, preserves, fruit teas, boxed quality fruits, salad dressings, sauces and nuts lead the way with a wide range of edible gourmet treats.

Take home a pretty souvenir and brighten your kitchen with some of the fruit-themed ceramic dishes and kitchenware or browse the jewelry selection for some Florida novelties. If you are looking for a gift for youngsters there are plenty of books, games and stationery to keep them happily occupied.

The best time to visit Mixon Fruit Farms is in the citrus season which runs from November to early May, but the attraction is open for visitors all year round. Be sure to check their calendar for special events and festivals as there is always something happening at Mixon’s. Next time you catch the scent of orange blossom on the breeze, or see a truck piled high with freshly picked oranges, think Mixon Fruit Farms and pay them a visit!

Lasting Legacy: Mixon
EAST COUNTY — In 2006, a piece of paper held the fate of Dean and Janet Mixon’s family legacy.

Disease threatened Mixon’s Fruit Farm’s crops. Dean’s father, Bill, needed time to care for his ailing wife.

The economy had become sluggish.

And the couple had just assumed the family business, which Dean’s grandparents, Willie and Rosa, started in 1939. The couple had already sold 250 acres of the farm, and the developer wanted more — the last 50 acres.

With the land, the developer would bulldoze the Mixon legacy.

The Mixons had 30 days to decide.

What happened next

More than Oranges at Mixon
Article from Sarasota Herald Tribune

The Mixon family has been growing citrus on its Bradenton property for 75 years, but as Event Coordinator Sheri Gooby points out, today, Mixon Fruit Farms is much more than a collection of orange groves -- it's a bona fide "tourist attraction."

The property boasts a huge welcome center, with a wine-tasting booth, a small café, an ice cream counter and shelves and racks lined with flamingo coasters, bovine salt-and-pepper shakers and Florida-themed T-shirts, onesies and place mats. Tram tours rumble through the groves like clockwork, and visitors can marvel at a floral maze and a small wildlife preserve. Heck, the place even has a small pavilion and koi pond that doubles as romantic wedding spot. Not exactly "down on the farm."

So while you really don't need an excuse to pay a visit to the Mixon citrus hub, the farm is giving you one anyway...Click here to read whole article....

Cruisin to Mixons Fruit Farms
There are no shortage of suncoast but just north of Sarasota, there is a fruit farm cut above the rest. The thing about Mixon’s is that it’s a destination, not just a place to buy fruit. Granted, fruit is the taste, but the Mixon family has figured out a way to build an attraction around their orange groves.

Click Here to read the whole article published in the Sun Newspapers

Family First - AmericasMart
Florida's Fruit Maven

Mixon Fruit Farms remains true to its family roots. "We're not just a fruit stand anymore, but we're still a family business," Janet Mixon, co-owner of Mixon Fruit Farms, says. Mixon and buyer Janet Hagerty rely on AmericasMart to augment the family's fruit business with gift and gourmet food items.

Mixon Fruit Farms, located in Bradenton, Fla., serves an eclectic demographic of locals and tourists who are drawn to the diversity of gift items and products that fill the store.

"We make sure we carry items our customers can't get elsewhere."

Click Here to read the whole article published in AmericasMart.

Mixon in Oct/Nov Farm & Ranch Living Magazine
Fruitful Endeavors! Mixon’s diversify to preserve the farm. Come visit the farm, there is lots to see and do.

See complete story in Farm & Ranch Living Magazine’s October/November issue.

Click Here to view slide show.

Citrus and Wildlife Exploration at Mixon Fruit Farms
When you think of Florida, oranges probably come to mind along with gators and Mickey Mouse. However, where do you go to really learn about orange and citrus growth in Florida?

One possible option is the family-owned Mixon Fruit Farms in Bradenton, in Florida’s Southwest, not far from the Gulf Coast. The folks at Mixon use their gift shop, tram tour, and self-guided factory tour to educate visitors about citrus growth as well as wildlife, the latter through their agreement to provide space to the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center.

A recent Saturday visit found a moderately large crowd packed into Mixon’s large gift shop, the latter of which was reminiscent of Cracker Barrel meets Amish country meets a roadside fruit stand. As customers perused souvenirs, they sampled orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, fudge (including, of course, orange swirl), ice cream, and citrus fruits.

Click Here to read the entire Article.

It's All About Community
For 72 years Mixon Fruit Farms has been growing some of the best citrus in the State of Florida. In 2006, Janet and Dean Mixon took the farm in another direction. “We still have a tremendous emphasis on fruit,” says Dean Mixon, but we knew that we had to diversify. Part of the changes meant getting more involved in the community. “We are an orange grove and a business, almost in the middle of town,” says Janet Mixon. We wanted to offer things here that could help other businesses and provide a wonderful atmosphere for families.

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Mixon Fruit Farms Celebrates 70 Years of Making Memories
It started in 1939 with 20 acres and a little fruit stand in front of Mixon's. Many changes have happened in the past 70 years.
Mixon's was one of the first gift fruit shippers in Florida. The Mixon family has been innovative in the citrus industry. Bill and Dean Mixon have made many citrus industry improvements that have been used all over the State.

Click Here to Read whole article featured in Mature Lifestyles Magazine

Family rejuvenates Mixon Fruit Farms into unusual tourist destination
Dean and Janet Mixon believe they are in business to create memories.

That belief has turned Mixon Fruit Farms Inc. into a very diversified, thriving and unusual destination.

Read the entire article

Mixon Farms to be Featured on iLifeTV (Show aired November 2007)
Article featured in the East Coast Observer.

When Dean and Janet Mixon took sole command of the family’s citrus farm last year, they vowed to transition it from strictly an orange grove to a destination.

Their dream came to fruition that last week when a crew from the “Eye on Gardening” television show spent more than six hours shooting footage, conducting interviews and touring Mixon Fruit Farms. Host Tim Alan said the Bradenton hot spot definitely deserves the international exposure.

Click here to read whole article.

Mixon Farms Facebook Page

Florida's Sweetest Attraction

2525 27th Street East
Bradenton, Florida 34208-7467
(941) 748-5829 • 800-608-2525
Fax: (941) 748-1085
Email: Info@Mixon.com

Mixon's GROVESIDE MARKET is open 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.
Mixon GROVESIDE CAFE is open 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.
Mixon OFFICE HOURS are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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