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Dear Janet (Hagerty),
Words will never express clearly enough my appreciation of what you did for me today. I knew what I wanted, but clearly had no idea how to go about it. You came to my rescue and came up with a super idea. I walked out of Mixon's today with five adorable packages for my breakfast club.

Never will I ever forget you or your girls or your creative talents. What a super person you are. THANKS AGAIN.

I am sending a copy of this to Janet and Dean Mixon, although I am sure they are aware of your talents. Also, every one of the staff we spoke with was so nice.


Iris Hauswald
December 2, 2015
--- In Store Help Thanks

I received your replacement package. I want to thank you for your prompt and thoughtful reply to my correspondence of some spoiled fruit. I shall enjoy your gift and tell my friends of your delicious products and your wonderful service.

Marian Sanacore
North Bellmore, NY
--- Thank You!

To Everyone at Mixon’s

I want to thank you for the wonderful Minneolas this year. We look forward to them every year but this year they are superb tasty and juicy. It was worth the wait. Enjoyed your “Please Excuse My Appearance” note. Keep up the good work. Will be ordering again this year.

Thank You
Carol Harridge

--- Carol Harridge

Dear Mr. Mixon,

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, I visited Mixon Fruit Farms for the first time. While my overall experience with your staff was good, some of your employees took my experience from good to excellent. One gentleman, whose name I cannot recall, was working at the loading of the juicing machine. He stated that he is well into his 80s and has been working for Mixon Fruit Farms for quite some time. He explained in detail not only his work station, but answered other questions about the process that we had. He was knowledgeable about the process, friendly, and helpful to members of the group I was with.

The next employee I would like to compliment is Kermit. He was working at the wine tasting table. He not only supplied us with samples but gave us information on pairing of the wines, suggestions of other wines we might like, and banter that had us thinking he was a long-lost friend. Also very knowledgeable about your operations, he answered many questions for us.

Anne is next on my list to tell about. Anne was working the samples of juice counter and ringing up purchases when need be. She was outgoing, friendly, helpful to make sure we found what we needed, and had such a bubbly personality that the members of my group quickly adored her!

Lastly, I want to commend Alfredo Nudi. Alfredo took the time to answer more in-depth questions I had about your production process. You see, I teach a class in operations management at East Tennessee State University. I am always looking for understandable examples to use in class as most of my students will go into service productions, while only a few will go into manufacturing productions, but the class covers both aspects of operations management. I did take pictures while viewing your operations from the observation deck, and Alfredo spoke of a video that often plays that explains the full process. Do you by chance have a copy of that video that I can use in my class? Alfredo was not sure if there were copies to be had.

Overall, your employees have given me many examples to use in my classes on what excellent customer service is!

Thank your employees for me for a wonderful visit to your establishment. I hope to be able to make the time to visit your groves on my next trip to Bradenton.


Ricki Ann Kaplan, MBA, MA
Lecturer in Management and Coordinator of the CBAT Communications Lab
East Tennessee State University
Department of Management and Marketing

--- Ricki Ann Kaplan, MBA, MA

We took the tram tour first and were lucky enough to be the only ones on the tour today! We liked hearing the history of the family and farm. One highlight was definitely the wildlife preserve with Damon. He had so much knowledge and stories to tell. We were able to feed a wild pig, pat a skunk, hold a gator and a python!! After the tram tour we visited the butterfly garden and maze, had a look at the children's playground (great little area if you have children with you), and fed some very hungry fish in the big pond!
Once back at the shop we tried the juice and it was so refreshing!! They had orange, lemon and grapefruit juice to try as well as popcorn and jams! But what we had been waiting to try was the ice cream! The orange and vanilla ice cream combined was great!
A shoutout to Mr W, great tour guide and very friendly and welcoming! Actually all the staff were attentive and friendly. We had a great few hours here, definitely worth a visit, if you are in Bradenton!
--- Elleni and Eddie, Sydney, Australia

Your fruit is wonderful! I had a chance to visit your place with my family when I went to Pirate City Fantasy Camp 4 years in a row! Your place is really nice and fruit is great and so is your café! --- Robert Gomer

Today we received the box of Temple oranges in replacement for a box of oranges received in December which we reported to you as not being "up to par." Thank you most sincerely for responding to our letter with a follow-up phone call. You mentioned during your phone call that the Temple oranges would be quite delicious, sweet, juicy and easy to peel. We are finding them to be exactly as you described. Thank you, most sincerely, for this replacement.
--- John F. and Patricia Becker

The fruit is awesome! --- Scott & Terri Heineman - Allison Park, PA

Our Brandeis National Committee came for the tram tour and the buffet lunch on Feb. 4, 2015. There were 13 of us.

It was an outstanding tour and worry free for me, as Becky Miller took care of everything.

The guide on the tram ride was very informative and entertaining. Since I was there last, the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation center was added. All our members enjoyed that part very much.

As I said, I don't think we would have enjoyed it as much without our guides.

This was followed by a buffet lunch in their dining room. The lunch was outstanding. I think when I was there many years go, we had lunch on benches outside.

Before the tour and after lunch, our members spent time in the store. As I could see from their packages, many items were bought. I have been enjoying the oranges I purchased. Thanks for the free dessert.

I was thanked by all and told how much they enjoyed it.

--- Elaine Nutlay, Brandeis National Committee

I was very leary of sending fruit and candy not knowing if it would be fresh. My daughter and family enjoyed the grapefruit and tangerines and fruit slices. It arrived so very quickly I was surprised. "Snookie" was very cheerful and most of all patient with me making my FIRST order from Mixons. --- Cynthia Ann

The "Eagle Has Landed ' at all three places,
Teaticket, MA
Robbinsville, NJ
St. Louis, MO
Grapefruit, oranges and LEMONS arrived intact and very beautiful
in presentation form. Recipients are extremely excited and happy. In their own words, " LET THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS BEGIN THE MIXON WAY!!"

Thank you for making this possible to my family who have raised their children every year for the past twenty nine years anticipating the fruit from Grandma. I started this tradition in 1985 when only one child out of four was married. Consequently my grandchildren loved experiencing the traditional anticipation of the big box from Mixon's!

The reason that the yearly major fruit has been the Lemons is that my children have always, ate lemons like other people eat oranges. When the two older children were younger they would take a dime to the grocery store and buy a lemon where as normally other children would buy candy. Yes, my grandchildren eat lemons too. No that is not true, they have beautiful white healthy teeth. The lemons were always eaten in moderation.

I do have a son living here in Georgia that never ate lemons after the age of five because at that age his sister blew a lemon seed out of a straw and it landed inside his ear. A doctor had to syringe out the lemon seed. Consequently he never wanted a fruit box for Christmas. Thankfully we now live close to them and we have personal traditions with them and their two children.

Thank you for 29 years of wonderful customer service and making a lot of people, happy, jubilant, and satisfied to have the opportunity to annually enjoy the Mixon fruit.


Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all the Mixon staff that makes this happen.

--- Carolyn Irwin

I want to thank you so very much for response to our letter of January 7th. Within a week I was contacted by phone and assured by a very nice woman that they were truly sorry about the shipment of oranges that had been delivered to us in December. My parents have given us oranges for Christmas and birthdays and this was the first time we have ever had a problem.

Well the problem was solved! Last week we received our replacement box of navels and I believe that these are some of the best oranges ever. I can't say enough about a company that so clearly stands behind their product and the satisfaction of their customers.

Thank you again for your exemplary product and customer service.

Your lifetime customer,
--- Mrs. Carol Brunger

Dear Mixon,

Last week I contacted you about a problem with a shipment to my 81 year old sister. If you knew my sister, you would love her like I do. While at your store I looked at many of the gifts that could be shipped. I finally decided on Tower of Cheer since it didn’t involve any fruit. Michigan was having a severe cold spell and I didn’t want frozen fruit delivered. The date of order was 11/12/2014. Poor Marie was having trouble with computers not working properly but she tried her best to take our order. My wife told her what we wanted and Marie tried to look it up. As the process went through my wife, Jane, explained that we wanted the Tower of Cheer and that Marie had mentioned the Tree of Cheer. Marie assured us they were the same. Both Marie and my wife and I trusted, but failed to verify. So, when my sister called and thanked us you can understand why I was having trouble understanding what she described as it had nothing to do with what I thought I’d ordered. It soon became clear there was a mistake.

The next day, after my talk with my sister, I called Mixon. I talked to a lovely lady by the name of Judy. It took several minutes, plus a walk by her to the order area, before we/she understood what we had ordered and what my sister had received. Once that was clear she cheerfully apologized and took care of the problem. She made the whole conversation a pleasure. I felt as though I were talking to an old friend. Not meaning that she was old since I have no idea of her age. I am old.

So, in conclusion, THANK YOU, MIXON! You nicely smoothed out a bump in the road of life. I’ll be back to visit you again.

Hugs to you all,

--- Terrence Whitford

My grapefruit just arrived....I had my first half this morning...it's fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for a much-welcomed taste of Florida!!! --- Deborah Tubbs

We wanted to take a moment & Thank You for the very fine fruit. The Grapefruit is the best we've had. Way up here in Bemidji Minnesota, it is real nice to receive a little Florida Sunshine this time of year. --- David Marsh

My parents have been sending me fruit from your fruit farm for some years now. My family and I are thoroughly impressed with the quality of your fruit. We will have to come visit your farm the next time I go see my parents. Keep up the great work.

--- Darryl Sirotzki

Dear Mixon's, Just to let you know my mother received the fruit and said it was absolutely delicious. She has been enjoying it ever since it arrived. I will definitely be buying Mixon's next year and expanding my gift list. --- Camille Lange

Thanks Mixons for a fun first day in Florida with our family. We have never toured a citrus grove and found it all interesting. Miss Rosemarie was delightful and made it fun for us. Your store was clean & fresh & fun. We enjoyed everything from our pressed Cuban sandwiches to fudge to ice cream and orange juice. Keep thinking forward and bringing families a literal "taste" of Florida when they visit! --- The Walkers-Highland, Utah

Thank you for helping me out. I submitted my order this morning I believe all went as I wanted.

My parents started shopping with you folks back in the 1940's, so not sure they were there when you opened, but close to it. They have now passed on, but they taught me where to buy the best fruit and Mixon Fruit Farms is the place. We've had the opportunity to visit there over the years, you are the best. Thanks for all you do for your customers, it is truly appreciated.

Best to all this year.
--- Warren Brose

Thank you so much for the answer about shipping your Georgia Peaches to Canada! We love coming to Anna Maria Island and always pay a visit to Mixon Fruit Farms. Love the Chicken Salad Sandwich! As well as the ice cream! And we stock up on fruit. Lovely people, lovely place. Hope to be down soon. --- Charlotte Pettyjohn

We received the jelly shipment and my husband is delighted. Thank you all for getting this to us by Father's Day. You are a great group of people and so caring of your customers. I'll order again! --- Sue Walters

Thank you, Norma, for your quick response. Replacing the damaged fruit with Valencias would be great. I appreciate the fact that you stand behind your quality guarantee. In addition, I was very impressed by the staff person who helped me with my order at your store. And the fruit I have tasted thus far is delicious. So, kudos to you all. --- Pat

Hi Norma:
Thanks so much for checking in on the delicious fruit. It arrived in good condition. We really appreciate all your help in replacing the frozen fruit. We've enjoyed Mixon fruit since I was a young child. Every winter my grandparents, snowbirds staying on Anna Maria Island, would ship us a box of Mixon fruit. We welcomed the fresh fruit during the long, cold New England winters. We've enjoyed passing on the tradition with our son. The high quality fruit and the outstanding customer service keeps us as loyal customers. Thanks, Katie
--- Katie

My husband & I visited Mixon Fruit Farms yesterday with a group from our church in St. Petersburg.

My first compliment goes to the tram driver (I believe his name is John). Not only did he do a terrific job with the tour, but he also showed great kindness to my husband who has difficulty with mobility & needed to stay on the tram during the wildlife show. John brought the alligator over to my husband so that he could experience the animal. Then he moved the tram forward so that my husband would be able to see the second half of the show. His compassion & thoughtfulness are a testimonial to the mission of your organization.

My second compliment goes to the gentleman who gave us the wildlife show. He was articulate, patient, pleasant, and interesting. He is obviously crazy about the animals in his care--and he made us feel that way too!

My third compliment goes to the lovely lady who served our luncheon. She made sure all of us had enough to eat and drink. Someone asked the type of orange being served and she immediately found out for us. She was quick to bring around refills for drinks.

If these three people are representative of your entire staff, you are lucky indeed! Thank you for a lively tour and thank you for all you do!
--- Linda Susens

I received the calendar/catalog and just loved going through it...enjoyed the old pictures etc., just like being part of the family. Thank you so much. I always send my family navels...they love them. If I didn't send them they would be very disappointed. --- Annette Boorsma

My three orders are correct. You have been so terrific in handling the three orders over the last thirty or more years that my trust is always in your operation. Especially making it possible for my children to have lemons (which they were raised eating them as a treat like oranges.) Of course they are grown children now and the one in Ma. is a grandparent himself and my grandchildren eat lemons like their parents as well. Yes, they still have great teeth! --- Carolyn Irwin

I would like to say thank you for a job well done! Wine gift placed on 4/30/13. My cousin received the order in a timely manner, it arrived on her birthday. She could not and has not stopped talking about how awesome the wine was.

I will have to keep that item on my favorite gifts to send out.

Also, thanks to the very pleasant lady who took my order via the phone.
Thank you,
--- Carol

Thank you so much for sending the Pineapple Oranges and Pink Grapefruit to replace the fruit spoilage we had in the previous box. It arrived last week and all is in perfect condition. The oranges are especially juicy and sweet. We really appreciate your wonderful customer service. --- Wayne Morrow

A quick note to thank you so much for your prompt attention to the order we sent my mom for Christmas. She was extremely pleased with the replacement fruit. You have restored our respect for your business and we shall look forward to the future. Sincerely, --- Judith Hunter

Judy, the Orlando Tangelos you substituted for the Honeybells are delicious. Thank you for suggesting them. I had only one that had started to trasition to compost and simply cut away the bad spot.

I am curious about the black spots on the skin of the tangelos. They have not affected the inside of the tangelos and are not a problem. It's just something I haven't seen before on citrus fruit.

When I was visiting my cousin, Phil, a few years ago she took me to Mixon's and I ordered some oranges for a friend up north. Phil used to work at Mixon's and has only the best things to say about your company. I was impressed too.

Thank you for being such a caring company with excellent products.
--- Mary Lou Duncan

Your customer service, at least your communication on a complaint, matches the overall quality of your product and your reputation. Three were spoiled to start with and I really feel that the other two spoiled ones were contaminated by the first three, so we had a total of five. Thanks for your prompt response.
We received the replacements and they were in fine condition and were all as delicious as usual. We will re-order again as we have done several times in the past. If you ever need a testimonial from someone as to your quality and integrity, feel free to have them contact me and thanks again.
--- Sonny Woods

I just wanted to let you know that the pink grapefruit I ordered from you was received in perfect condition. The fruit has been outstanding, and I have enjoyed it every single day since it arrived. It was exactly as juicy, sweet and wonderful as I remember when I received it last as a gift from a friend. I shared some with a friend of mine who commented that it was the best they had ever eaten.

Unfortunately, all they seem to sell in this area is the Texas red which cannot compare in taste, sweetness and quality to your wonderful pink grapefruit.

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that your fruit is the absolute best.
--- Coleen Frank

Thank you for helping us with our concerns. We're happy with the resolution. As always, Mixon's is a wonderful place to purchase delicious citrus! Great customer service!

Everyone is enjoying the fruit - and working on new recipes that use lemon zest or lemon juice. My niece passed along your suggestion to freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Great idea!
--- Susan Hage

Every Christmas, our friends from Bradenton send us a box of oranges and grapefruit from Mixon. What a delight to receive a package of fresh citrus fruit 1500 miles away in Upstate NY, where we get lots of snow!

Your product and service are exceptional. Just wanted you to know!

--- Kathy Moulton

Dear Mixons All,

We just polished off a 20# box of navels and grapefruits up here in 17 degree Wisconsin weather and each piece of fruit was perfect! So I just finished placing an order for another 20#’s hoping to make the long cold winter pass quicker.

Don’t know how you manage to box and send perfection like you do but we Madsen’s have been appreciating you for several generations now. The only thing better than having USPS hand me a box of sunshine from you is walking into your store and devouring an orange swirl cone while purchasing your delicious orange juice to take out to the beach to sip as I dream of melting snowmen.

Please, please don’t ever stop doing what you do so well!

Most sincerely,

--- Chryste Madsen

I have received my shipment of Honeybell's, and I have to say they are the best ever. I have been to Mixon's several times and you never disappoint me with the fruit or fudge.

Thank you for a great product.
--- Becky

Received the replacement box today - thanks.

Everybody tells you when it's not good, but usually only one or two tell you when it's good.

I am one of those that likes to tell when it's good. American grown fruit at it's best - tell it to the chinese-home of most of the garlic sold in this country. I grow my own, but can't grow oranges.

Thanks again for the service and fine quality oranges.
--- Milt & Grace Ehrenberg

Hi, Thanks for the fast response, I just wanted to comment on my order, as I stated I have been buying fruit from Mixons for years and my Mom before me. I appreciate the offer of a replacement but please that is not necessary. I had enough to give as gifts and extra for me. As you said, they don't last very long. I will visit in the spring when I come to Bradenton to stock up on juice etc.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.
--- Judy Graham

Hi, Very happy with your service! Thanks very much, and a big thanks to Snookie for helping out. I would highly recommend Mixons to anyone. Happy Holidays. Thanks again.
p.s. Snookie needs a raise.
--- Bob Cole

We want to Thank You for standing behind the guarantee of your product. We understand that you will be sending a replacement shipment for the oranges that were not up to your usual quality. We want to say that this is the first time that there has ever been a problem. Our family really looks forward to your fruit every year, and they enjoy them very much. We are very happy to see that you have wonderful customer service also. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Thank You again. --- Rod Harris

I was looking for a wonderful Lemon that was huge and great for pies. I really can not remember how I got your site but I think a grower in TX told me about Ponderosa Lemons. They do not grow them. I started, I think, I went to the web and up popped your site. I called and ordered a 20# box. I have squeezed half and will finish up after the holidays. 3 pies have already been a hit. Another one will be made tomorrow for a neighbor get together.
I get really far behind with the few magazines I get. I finally sat down Christmas day and opened my Oct/Nov issue of Farm and Ranch. Wow, was I surprised to see Mixon Fruit Farm as a featured farm. I felt like I was reading about family.
Your web site is absolutely beautiful. Good work all around. As long as God is willing I will keep ordering your Ponderosa Lemons.
--- Luanne Guffey

I want to thank everyone at Mixon's for going beyond my expectations to rectify my problem with the Navel Oranges. I received my replacement and cut 3 Navels and they were excellent. I put some of the first shipment outside for the birds and they apparently loved them. --- Scott Hutchinson

I was very pleased with the cordial reception when I reported the two spoiled Temples in my last shipment of my sons much appreciated Christmas gift, but also very pleasantly surprised to receive twelve replacement Temples a few days later. Thanks very much! A very satisfied recipient of your citrus. --- Neil Moyer

Comments submitted to Groupon about their Mixon trip....

Great job, informative and fun, loved the interaction of the tram driver & the pet 'keeper' everyone seemed really vested into their job. And the juice was incredible, lunch was delicious too, nothing bad to say at all. Wish I lived closer so I could drink your OJ every week!

We had a wonderful visit and your employees were quite informative and pleasant. Enjoyed all the wonderful treats your farm had to offer. We'll be back for more of your Orange Swirl Ice Cream and your incredible Orange Juice!

We arrived 5 minutes late for the last tour because we didn't do our home work. Thank you for accomodating us and taking our group to the tram. We enjoyed and learned as we toured.

Great job you all do taking care of the injured animals. We loved that section of the tram tour! Keep up the good work.

The staff was great at Mixon Farms. The tram operator was friendly, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. He is a great representative for Mixon Farms.

My trip there was fun, interesting, and the ladies in the store were some of the nicest ladies I have ever met.

Was really surprised at the animals you have. Very interesting and fun experience.

Lots of fun! Nice employees. Good food at the cafe and great samples of fruit to try before you buy. Great tour guide on the tram who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his job. Overall great family-friendly tour.

Had alot of fun. Beautiful landscaping in the maze/pond area and love your orange juice!

The tour included more than we expected. Free samples of fruit and juice in the store was a nice bonus!

Very informative and they also do stuff with wildlife rehabilitation and we got to see and pet some of the animals.

Went for Harvest Festival. Everyone was super nice and having a great time. Learned a lot about the groves and also wildlife rescue project they help sponsor. Great place!

It was a very pleasant surprise. The store was beautiful, the factory and tour interesting, the gardens gorgeous, and the animals adorable. I thought that they set it up very nicely for visitors. I had no idea they had all that going on there.

Very interesting. Especially good for children given the up close with so many different animals. The treats (fudge, juice, ice cream and wine) were very good.
--- Groupon Customer Comments

Dear Friends,
For many years we've enjoyed your oranges. Our son has a case sent to us for the first six months of the season. A wonderful Christmas Gift!
Valencia, my favorite - um so good. We've moved to a retirement village and we shared 6 or 8 oranges. They've commented "Where did you get those oranges?"
My husband is 86 and I'm 84, and we hope to enjoy the fruits of your labor for a few more years. God's Blessings.
--- Dorothy Hopple - Evansville Indiana

Thank you for the very generous replacement order which arrived in perfect condition this morning.

You were most generous, and I appreciate the fabulous customer service. You are a wonderful company with which to do business, and I will do so in the future.

Thank you again.

--- Donna Holt

Dear Dean Mixon,
I was down in your area a couple of weeks ago to call on a commercial account, I passed this amazing place in the middle of nowhere with all these cars in the parking lot. On my way back from my visit I went in and bought a basket of Navels and Grapefruit which did not last long at my home (eaten quickly) and noted the tours you feature. Dean, I have lived in Florida for over 25 years and I had not been in an actual Orange Grove!

To conclude, my wife and I are part of a small group of friends who make day trips on weekends so I scheduled all of us to come down from Tampa to your grove this past Saturday for the tour of your groves and the wildlife rescue operation. We all had a blast, shopped at the store with your many treasures, and ended the day at Linger Lodge - but not for the road kill menu.

Everyone in the group had such a good time they all said they would return on their own with their visiting relatives, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren.

Thank you for this great experience and the wonderful work done by the wildlife rescue folks. I wish you all the success in the world! Have a great 2012.

--- David Dodd

My Dad, who lives in River Isles, Bradenton, had the best grapefruits in the world growing in his backyard along the Braden River. Alas, that tree has stopped bearing. What a disappointment to us all.

Lo and behold, just before Christmas, we found on our porch in Trumbull, Connecticutt a Mixon's fruit box which to our delight contained beautiful pink grapefruits. Surprisingly they compete with Dad's grapefruits for deliciousness, juiciness, and delight. Thanks to generous Dad and thanks to Mixons.

Our family has visited Mixon's store, orchard, and nature tour frequently. We enjoy the juice, the oranges, orange ice cream cones, and friendly people. Last year we brought Dad's one-year old great granddaughter with us on the tram tour. She liked the ice-cream, too.
--- Susan (Hay) Kallmeyer

I just wanted to say that the delivery to Michigan was right on time and the surprised recipient said the fruit and gifts were wonderful. The grapefruit was very sweet and juicy. I have ordered from you before and have never been disappointed. Thank you. --- Marsha Stehle

Hello & Merry Christmas,
I received my order yesterday (my second of the season). It had two grapefruit and one orange that was bad. My first order was perfect. Just wanted to make you aware.
My family has been ordering fruit from you since my grandparents lived in Bradenton; and I'm 60 years old! We used to visit them and come to Mixon's.
Thank you for years of wonderful fruit. Christmas would not be Christmas without Navel Oranges and Pink Grapefruit.
--- Pam Spurgeon

I was so pleased to receive my previous season list in the mail, it helps me plan for this season. Everyone at Mixon's is so helpful - Thank You!
Mixon's has the very best fruit I have ever tasted.
--- Marvin Osborn

I just wanted to thank you for going the extra mile and noticing that my order was for Father's Day. I appreciated your calling to offer other fudge choices so that the present would arrive on time.

I have always been so pleased with every order I've ever placed with Mixon's. And whenever I need to send a present, Mixon's is definitely the place I always think of first. The gift recipients always rave over the wonderful fruit - and my father LOVES your fudge!

Thank you!
--- Bonnie Craycraft

Thank you for the wonderful tour and lunch. You might enjoy seeing what we put in our newsletter - page 6.
At Mixon, we started with a wonderful lunch in their Honeybell Hall. While we ate, we had a very interesting slide presentation telling us about the Mixon Family and their dedication to the Fruit Farm.
The tour on the Orange Blossom Express Tram took us thru a variety of citrus trees. We passed by a rock waterfall, a Koi Pond (largest in Florida), a Butterfly Garden and Wetlands. In addition to all that, we made a stop at the Florida Wildlife Preserve. They dedicate their time to rescuing injured and orphaned animals, birds, and reptiles.
We had a great day.
--- Rosco - Editor of the Buckingham Reporter

Please consider the following a glowingly positive customer service feedback e-mail regarding one of your excellent CSR's, Debbie, with whom I had the pleasure of interacting by telephone last week in placing an orange shipment order.

Debbie was one of the most polite, positive, easy-going, excellent sales and service pros with whom I have ever had the opportunity to interact. She greeted me warmly, helped get me in the system and get the order I wanted lined up, suggested various things for me in a non-pushy but extremely effective way and "up-sold" me on a larger order in a painless fashion!

I will continue to patronize Mixon for fruit orders and am only sad I am unable to obtain your fantastic orange ice cream custard here up north (ever thought of shipping it in dry ice for us hungry winter Yankees who are unable to get out to the farm regularly?)

At any rate, Debbie represents you all beautifully -- I have also been in the customer service and sales business for 30 years now and Debbie and Mixon have an abiding fan in me. Take great care of Debbie as she represents you all magnificently and in my view is a true asset to your business!
--- Michael D. Moyer

I wanted to let you know that your company performed well during this past Chrismas season. I retired from UPS;........in fact, UPS was the first parcel delivery company used for deliveries of fruit back in the 60's. I'm the person who made the initial contact with your company from UPS.

Of all the fruit gifts ordered (27), I only received one delivery complaint. It was delivered by one of the small rural delivery companies. Many positive comments on the great taste of your fruit!

Also, Liz Edwards did a great job of communicating with me while my initial order was being processed. She was very helpful on those occasions that required a follow-up contact. She is business-like in her communications with customers.....she is a credit to your company!

Again, thank you for the good season!
--- Julius Spognardi

I would like to thank everyone at Mixon's. I received my oranges this last Wednesday and they are wonderful. I work in retail management and you guys have great customer service. I have told so many people about you guys and how you took great care of me, and to see how many oranges came, I couldn't believe it. Thanks gain, and my father thanks you as well. --- Stuart Parker

My daughter has the pleasure of living in Bradenton, Florida; not far from your farm. We have benefitted from this as she has sent us "Sunshine" from Florida.
Our delivery of Minneolas arrived in a day of 1 degree weather! What a great treasure. These fruits are the most tasty, juiciest I have ever had.
Thank you for a great product..... We hope to visit your farm on our next visit to Florida.
--- Mary S. Smith

"Mixon fruit is a tradition in our family. We send it to our relatives in NY (our great grandma is partial to the key lime fudge) and depend on it to get through long winters in Virginia. Michael recently received a beautiful box of oranges from his FLA Grandma for his fourth birthday. He was thrilled to have a fruit delivery come all the way from Florida! He loves how juicy they are, and I love how good they are for all of us!"

Thanks again!
--- Johanna Maney

Thank you for sending such a beautiful product - the Minneolas are huge and are delicious - especially welcome on a very cold, windy, snowy day in northeast Ohio!

--- Martha Morgan

Visited the Farm yesterday, and had a PHENOMENAL time! Loved the store, loved the tour, and most importantly, loved the fruit and the juice. I especially wanted to note the interaction with Kermit, and Mike (in the juice room). Not only were they extremely knowledgeable, but also very personable, and made the Mixon experience even better.

One thing I wanted to take away from Mixon's was a cap like the staff in the juicing room wore. They had the Mixon logo on the front, and were khaki in color. I didn't see any on display in the store, or on the Mixon website.

So, I'd really like to acquire one of the caps...as a great momento of the trip to Mixon's for me, and free advertsiing for you. It's a win-win!

Please let me know cost & shipping, and I'd be happy to send you payment.

My wife and I are already looking forward to our next trip to Florida, which will without a doubt include a return visit to Mixon's.

Best to you for 2011!
--- Tim Perkins

Got it today ---the beautiful oranges from Bradenton!!! My sister sent me some for Christmas from you a few weeks ago and they were gone in no time --I kissed the box as the FedEx man handed it to me. My holidays were made even sweeter with that gift because Bradenton was my home for about 20 years so it was nice to see they came from you!!! I had to order more oranges to share with family as everyone is coming in and out over this week and next. We all had one of those fabulous oranges today and oh my, how can I ever thank you for the great taste and taking me home for awhile.
It meant a lot to me.
Merry Christmas to all of you and know we will all have even a nicer few weeks just enjoying your oranges. God used his hand on those this year and made the very best!
Happy New Year and blessings to all of you.
--- Rosalie Richendollar

You will be pleased to know that my brother-in-law called last night and was thrilled to find a perfect box of beautiful oranges for their Christmas. Apparently the box got to NJ already as well. The others will be there today and on Thursday. I can't think of a better gift and thank you for helping us with our shopping. The other day when I tried to use the code on the gift basket, it would not work. Have you been able to apply that? I think I talked to Staci?? Anyway, if it works, great and if not, I'm still just as pleased. Merry Christmas! and many thanks to all of you. --- Pat Hughes

We received our order of fruit and called to order more right away. Your fruit was great, fabulous and juicy. It really did look hand picked and hand packed. We ordered from another grove last year and their fruit was not good at all. Thank you for the great fruit. --- Raymond & Ruthann Jensen

My family and I vacationed on Anna Maria Island in March. We stopped by your store to purchase some fruit and decided to take a wildlife tour. We could not be happier with our experience. It is truly something we will remember for years to come. My son, Hayden, loved getting close with some of the animals. Thanks for a great time. --- Julie Stellhorn

Thank you, Snookie, for calling yesterday and leaving a message about ordering before 10/15 to receive last season prices. I really appreciate you and Mixon Fruit Farms for doing this. I understand about not sending out a catalog this year, especially with the internet, information is very available. I have lived in Ohio for over 30 years, but visited your store many times when my parents were living in the Bradenton area. Your fruit has always been wonderful and this is an example of your superior customer service that we have come to expect. My best to you and I will be placing my order for this coming year soon.

--- Warren Brose

Our family visited Mixon Fruit Farm over the weekend, and had a wonderful experience with Damen! He conducted our trolley tour, and introduced us to the wildlife you have at the farm. He was FABULOUS and we wanted you to know that he was a highlight of our visit! He was a wonderful representative of your organization, and was very well educated on his subject matter! We extend our sincerest THANKS to Damen! --- Carolyn Waygood & Catie Hierak

Hello from Ohio!
My husband and I, at the end of February, stopped there to buy grapefruit and oranges, and, of course, your one and only orange and vanilla swirl ice cream. Both the oranges and grapefruit were so good; the oranges have been eaten long ago, but somehow we moved the few grapefruit remainders to our screened in porch where they stayed until last week. They don't look quite so perky as they did in February, but they are still sweet and firm and delicious. Thank you for raising those pink grapefruit that are resilient even to being forgotten.

We hope to visit Bradenton and Mixon's again next February!

--- Paul and Dorris Hensley

The delivery was made today and the Webers love this fresh fruit! We really enjoyed visiting your store -- had a good breakfast -- with the tastiest juice! Thanks for your great customer service, we'll come back! --- Claudia Weber

"Best Cuban Sandwich I've ever had!!" --- Greg from Tampa & Jorge from Miami

Never have I had a bad order from you. That's why I call you "Friends." And the joy this fruit brings at Christmas is something that you just can't put a price tag on.
Thank you again, Mixon's!
--- David H. Livingstone

Thank you for the replacement shipment of fruit to cover the ones that arrived frozen earlier in the year. You are a good company and really make an effort to serve your customers. Thank you very much. --- Judy & Wayne LaPorte

I want to thank you for the extraordinary lengths you went to, to correct my order of Duncan Grapefruits. I appreciate all the concern, calls, and perfect timing of the replacement order. My Mom was astounded and delighted with the first Duncan's she'd tasted in years. It was so worth it!!
Meanwhile, I have shared some of them with others, and I am sure I will have to order more next season. Thanks, again.
--- Ilse Gilbert

We wanted to thank you for the replacement order you sent us. The Temple Oranges are excellent! We truly appreciate your willingness to so quickly replace our other order of damaged fruit. What great service....thanks again! --- William Meena

Over 20 years ago, while traveling around the country, we visited a friend in Bradenton who recommended we go to Mixon Fruit Farms. We did, found it great, bought some fruit and over the years since then have ordered fruit for us, relatives and friends. We have enjoyed getting your great fruit. --- William Archibald

We received a Mixon fruit order from our friends. I just want to express our appreciation for the wonderful product that you sold them. The grapefruit were to die for and the Navel oranges were the best I have ever had. It is obvious that you and your entire staff take great pride in the fruit that you raise as well as the packaging and the distribution procedures. Please pass on our thanks to everyone at Mixon Fruit Farms for a job well done. --- Tom Diehl

I would like to pay compliments to, Norma, your phone customer service representative. Polite & patient, she took a couple of orders for me & asked if she could be of further service. I had problems with one of my many shipments. After she heard my story, she was able to respond & take care of it. Your people & your delivery service do a good job! You are very service minded. --- Julius Spognardi

Thank you so much, I received the replacement order. It was so nice of you to be so polite and replace my order so quickly. The fruit is great just like I knew it would be. Thanks so much for all your help you have been wonderful. I will be ordering again and again from Mixon. I am extremely happy with the service and great product I received. --- Michele Bowles

This is to let all at Mixon's know how pleased we are with your kind response to our disappointment with our Navel Oranges in December. They were the first bad fruit that we had ever received from you. The replacement Minneolas arrived Friday and they are wonderful! --- The Frankhousers

THANK YOU - AND THANK YOU AGAIN! You sent delicious oranges and grapefruit to the families of my three children and ALL were SO pleased to receive and enjoy the goodness of this fruit. I expect this order will need to be repeated every year from now on! I don't think anything else will do! --- Bona Lee

My customers who received the monthly fruit plans I sent to them, love the fruit and it has been a great way to get more work for my business Midwest Wrought Iron. We enjoyed our visit to Mixons and Florida and hope that Mixons will continue to grow fruit in Manatee County for many years to come. --- Art Hamilton - Midwest Wrought Iron - Minnesota

We have bought oranges from all over but Mixon Oranges are the very best! --- Ewa Strazek

Fruit arrived day before yesterday and as usual I am very pleased with the effort put forth by you in customer satisfaction. By that I mean, once again I am 100% pleased.

--- William Byerly

Thanks for making up for the damaged fruit on our Christmas order. You folks went beyond the ordinary standards of customer service to make us happy, the make up order arrived in perfect condition. We will be doing business with you in the future. Thanks again and please send us a catalog. --- Pat Miley

Our son Gary has been sending us the 6 month gift pack of oranges for years, and we always look forward to them and are pleased. We got our shipment of Minneolas yesterday and they are unbelieveable, so large and the taste is fantastic. You rate up near the top on things we got for Christmas! --- Bud & Dorothy Hopple

I came with a group of 25 friends & their kids ages 2-9. Ms Rose was wonderful! She not only added a noon tour for our group, but she tailored the tour to our age group. The tour was really great, we all learned a lot and had so much fun. The kids loved the wildlife rescue the best and the beautiful butterfly garden maze. I'm ashamed to say I'm local and had not been before. We will tell everyone how great it is!!!! --- Daria Zoller

Let me compliment you on the wonderful fruit that we shipped here to my place of employment as a treat for my co-workers. The box arrived two hours ago and is now empty. And only one orange casualty...Wish I could ship your orange juice and swirl cones up here, too. ....just grateful for your fantastic products and wonderful service. --- Chryste Madsen

Every year we visit you guys at least once a day before the Bucco game. You guys are the best! I'm not sure what Spring Training would be like without you. --- Edward Householder Jr

You are good. Congratulations on operating a top notch business. Thanks for the on-going communications from time of purchase to delivery. This was our first purchase from Mixons and we will be back quite often. By the way, our son and his family in Chicago found your fruit to be very delicious. --- Len Meyer

I have just duplicated my gift order from last year. What a great no hassle menu you all have established. --- Roger and Joanna Williams


My partner and I had the pleasure of touring your grove to check out your new "look"....WOW! From all the new gift items in the showroom to the tram tour, the pond and wetland, wildlife rescue, it was truly an experience. You are all doing a great job over there. Keep up the good work. --- Tim Karau, Former manager, Don Jones Nursery

As a former Bradenton resident now living in North Carolina, I'm glad
you chose to stay in business. The place just wouldn't be the same
without it. :)
Best wishes!
--- Annette Ayres

Thanks---You people are the best to order, and work with of anyone I have ever done business with. It makes a big difference being family owned. Excuse my typing, as I am an Engineer not a typist. I worked for an Indianapolis TV station 26 years, and it was, and is family owned, and we had very few problems. As of this typing I am on my 51st first year of Broadcasting and still going (much slower).

That Fed EX shipping system sure is a great improvement over the US Postal Operation. I track the fruit from the time,you get it to them,until it is on the truck at Lafayette,Ind. about 30 miles from my house.

Don't sell out to a foreign owner. That will be when I start going to the grocery store.
--- Charles Swearingen

Rose made the tour GREAT! Had a great time. --- Flyer Bolleteri

Tour....It was awesome!! --- Madeline Stotlemyer

We loved the soup and sandwiches. Your northern friends. --- Rita & Eddie Carvin

We really liked the tram tour...enjoyed the history. Would like to see old farm implements and pictures, etc. Nice tour guide. --- W. Glaser from Illinois

We just love Mixon's real family atmosphere! Entertainment is wonderful. --- Emil & Margaret Beyer

Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my inquiry…the swift response and modest attitude to customer complaints impressed me. I shall come back and use your on-line order again when other occasions come up. --- Mika Takami

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